Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

When everybody gets back to work, we will find ourselves deliberating differently about the surfaces and equipment around us, getting a disinfecting cloth where we had would never offer a second thought before.

Although it is understandable to face a little uneasiness as we return to the offices, it is valuable and achievable to keep our offices healthy.

Whether engaging in CDC-recommended disinfection for common surfaces, maintenance cleaning, office cleaning exercise come down to a similar prominent tenet: appropriate equipment, a group, and a solid strategy.

This article will guide you through collecting the appropriate tools for your daily routine, introduce a valuable strategy, and implement it in your office with the aid of your team.

The appropriate office cleaning procedure

Although our reaction to covid-19 has been to default disinfect everything, the CDC suggests cleaning instead of disinfecting in daily situations. So what is the difference? Simply:

Cleaning is for the purpose of wellness and health: washing the common surfaces by using a simple water-and-soap solution and a green cleaner can make them secure and safe by removing dirt and dust. This also physically eliminates germs through picking them up (either in a cloth or paper towel) to eliminate them securely.

On the other hand, disinfection kills germs through the use of chemicals. The CDC advises disinfection only when a person has been visiting or working in the office while carrying a contagious disease; it does not have to happen for routine cleaning.

Gather the appropriate cleaning equipment

According to the purpose of cleaning (deep cleaning, disinfection, or simple cleaning), you will require a few tools at hand:

  • Green cleaning spray
  • Trash bags
  • Disinfection spray, wipes, appropriately-diluted bleach solution
  • Nitrile gloves
  • For disinfection: an appropriately-rated protective mask and respirator mask

Build an office health and safety strategy

  • Create a note of the traffic through particular office areas and the methods in which the areas are used- or not. During the mental inventory course, you might even realize ways to maximize and improve your office area usage as a side-advantage to your cleaning strategy development.
  • Look through the office one space at a time, and make a note of the high-touch spaces in each.

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Coming up with an office cleaning strategy and covering the essential spaces is an incredible step in guaranteeing a cleaner, healthier office environment.

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