Having Use of a Vehicle Without Insurance

Without Insurance Offences

Driving without insurance is a strict liability offence meaning that you either do or you don’t have valid motor insurance in place for a vehicle.

The actual offence is “Having use of a vehicle without insurance” rather than driving without insurance, so you can still face prosecution even if you aren’t using the vehicle at the time.

Because it is virtually impossible for the prosecution to prove that you are not insured, it is one of the few offences where you are required to prove your innocence (on the balance of probabilities) to the accusation by proving that you have insurance in place.

Fully Comprehensive Insurance

It used to be the case that the majority of fully comprehensive policies provided third party cover to drive any other vehicle that you have permission to drive, however, these days there are several levels of fully comprehensive insurance, the base level of which does not provide this cover unless you request it.

Emma Patterson, principal solicitor with Specialist Driving Offence Solicitors Patterson Law said, “a lot of drivers get caught out and find themselves guilty of driving uninsured… albeit accidentally.”

It is important to read your insurance policy terms and conditions to understand what you are legally covered for and what exclusions exist.

Permitting No Insurance

The law stipulates that as the registered keeper of a vehicle, you’re responsible for making sure that anyone who drives the vehicle is legally insured to do so.

The penalty for allowing someone to drive your vehicle without insurance is 6 penalty points and a fine. This is quite harsh, especially if you are a new driver with only 6 points to play with anyway, but is designed to clamp down hard on drivers who either drive without insurance, or allow others to do so.