How To Build The Perfect Website

Website Design & Construction

Online isn’t just about having a website, but having a well built and structured site that is equipped to work for you.

There are millions of web designers out there who are more than capable of designing a site that looks perfectly acceptable, but behind the scenes they are not as good as they look.

Unless a web designer builds a website with performance in mind, it’s more than likely that the site will forever underperform. There are several reasons for this.

To work well for you, your site needs to be fast which means that it’s pages and content are built using minimal code, compressed web ready images, etc.

Too often we see sites that are code heavy and are incapable of rendering on a computer, phone or tablet quickly and efficiently.

Search engines dislike slow loading sites and penalise them in search.

The load speed of your site can also be affected by the quality of your web hosting server. Load speed is so critical to your websites performance that it’s not an area where you should try to save money.

Mobile Friendly Design

More than half of all Google search traffic originates on phones and tablets, meaning that if your website doesn’t look good on these devices, you will suffer financially.

Mobile devices need simplified design and navigation so that users can easily find what they are looking for and can navigate with ease.

If you aren’t mobile friendly, your site will show as a miniature version of your PC version, making your visitors have to zoom into each page to read your content or to find the navigation they need.

Most users soon get bored of trying to use non mobile friendly sites on small touch screens so to avoid missing out on half of your potential customers, develop a mobile friendly version.

A solid web design package (see DeehoSEO Web Design for details), backed up with fast, reliable hosting is an essential, not a luxury & certainly not an area where you should look to scrimp and save.